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Musketeer Log Cabin Home

Pricing With Floor Plans

Musketeer Style Log Home

Below is a list of floor plans for the log cabins. All plans can be changed or modified to suit your individual needs. Contact us with your plans and we can give you more detailed instructions.

Click on floor plan image for PDF of floor plan.

2017 Log Cabin Pricing

Pricing on website is within 50 miles of Bedford, PA. See PDF below for pricing within 100 miles.

2017 50 Mile Price Sheet PDF

2017 100 Mile Price Sheet PDF

Pricing listed on website may not include all factors that affect pricing. Finial price on log homes will be determined with a written quote. See sales rep for details.

Musketeer Floor Plans
Musketeer in winter
Musketeer Style Log Homes

The musketeer has an 8/12 pitch roof. with a long front porch.

Mountaineer Porch

Greate Room
Musketeer Interior


Bedroom with flat ceiling.

Musketeer Style ...26x56
26MK1508...... $167,100
Musketeer Style ...28x56
28MK1508...... $173,300
Musketeer Style ...30x56
30MK1508..... $179,000
Musketeer Style ...26x52
26MK1507 $166,900
Musketeer Style ...28x52
28MK1507 $172,900
Musketeer Style ...30x52
30MK1507 $177,500
Musketeer Style ...26x48
26MK1505 ......$148,500


Musketeer Style ...28x48
28MK1505..... $154,000
Musketeer Style ...30x48
30MK1505 .....$159,000
Musketeer Style ...26x44
26MK1504..... $137,900
Musketeer Style ...28x44
28MK1504.... $143,000
Musketeer Style ...30x44
30MK1504... $148,700
Musketeer Style ...24x36
24MK1502..... $110,800
Musketeer Style ...26x36
26MK1502...... $115,000
Musketeer Style ...28x36
28MK1502 $119,400
Musketeer Style ...24x30
24MK1501...... $94,500
Musketeer Style ...26x30
26MK1501..... $97,500
Musketeer Style ...28x30
28MK1501........ $101,800
Musketeer in winter
Musketeer Cabin

Cabin installed on full basement. Upgrades include metal roof and screened porch.

Side view of Cabin

Screened in porch on log Cabin
Screened in Porch

Optional screened in porch with fans installed.


Interior Of Musketeer

This musketeer has a sloped ceiling.

Interior of Musketeer

Optional French Doors in Bedroom.


Kitchen on Musketeer

Upgrade to Farmers Sink. Customer installed antler chandelier.

Interior Bedroom


Musketeer Cabin
Musketeer Cabin

Options include wrap around deck and metal roof.

Musketeer cabin Finishied

The above prices are within 50 miles of Bedford, PA. Outside this area may have additional charges. Prices current January 2017. Prices subject to change without notice. Please confirm prices with written quotes.

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