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Please call or email to check availability and verify pricing of our stock buildings. We normally update the stock every week or so.

In Stock Chicken Coops

Runin HOrse Barn
Stock # B-402..$620 OFF
Sale Price..$5,580
10' x 20' LP Run-In Shed

Tan, White Trim, Hickory Shingles

Horse Barn
Stock # B-503..$1,192 OFF
Sale Price..$10,782
10' x 28' LP Horse Barn

Dark Gray, White Trim, Red Metal Roof, 2 10x10 stalls, 10x8 Tack room on Right

10X30 Board and Batten Horse Barn
Stock # B-79..$1,270 OFF
Sale Price..$11,430
10' x 30' B&B Horse Barn

2 10x10 Stalls, 10x10 Tack Room, Hickory Shingles

Cottage Shed
Stock # C-102....$525 OFF
Sale Price..$4,725
10' x 16' Cottage Storage Shed

Clay, Green Trim Brown Metal Roof $250


Cottage Shed
Stock # C-385.....$500 OFF
Sale Price..$4,500
10' x 16' Cottage Storage Shed

Red, Beige Trim, Shakewood Shingles


Garden Cottage
Stock # C-104......$615 OFF
Sale Price..$5,531
10' x 16' LP Batten Garden Cottage Storage Shed

Smoke Stain, Avocado Trim, Slate Shingles,

Octagon Window $50, Upgrade to LP Battens $795

Garedn Cottage
Stock # C-106......$570 OFF
Sale Price..$5,130
10' x 16' Garden Cottage Storage Shed

Beige, Brown Trim, Upgrade to Red Metal Roof $250, Red Doors and Shutters, Octagon Window $50

Highwall Shed
Stock #H-19...$440 OFF
Sale Price..$3,960
10' x 12' Highwall Barn

Red, Clay Trim, Weatherwood Shingles



Highwall Shed
Stock #H-20.....$440 OFF
Sale Price..$3,960
10' x 12' Highwall Barn

Beige, Brown Trim, Hickory Shingles


Garage with LP Battons
Stock #G-17....$943 OFF
Sale Price..$8,487
12' x 24' LP Batons Cottage Style Garage

Beige, Red Trim, Hickory Shinlges

Entrance door on left side (not shown on picture)

LP Batton Garage

Vinyl Cottage Style Garage
Stock #G-62...$1,160 OFF
Sale Price..$10,440

14' x 24' Vinyl Cottage Style Garage

Tan, White Trim, Burnished Slate Metal $250, Glass in Garage Door $150

List Price $11,600

Backyard Camping Cabin
Stock #M-28...$730 OFF
Sale Price..$6,570
12' x 20' Backyard Camping Cabin A-Frame Style Roof

Red, White Trim, Fox Hollow Gray Shingles

This is a backyard camping cabin, wood door, un-insulated windows, no vented eaves

backyard camping cabin

12x24 Camping Cabin
Stock #M-355...$1,106 OFF
Sale Price..$9,952
12' x 24' Camping Cabin A-Frame Style Roof

Beige, Avocado Trim, UPgrade to Brown Metal Roof $250

Foam Insulated Floor $1,008,



12x28 Camping Cabin
Stock #M-34....$1,176 OFF
Sale Price..$10,582
12' x 28' Camping Cabin A-Frame Style Roof

Smoke, Clay Trim, Evergreen Metal Trim around roof line, Evergreen Metal Roof $250,

Foam Insulated Floor $1,008,camping cabin


12x16 Rectangle Gazebo
Stock #WZ-22....$921 OFF
Sale Price..$8,289
12' x 16' Wood Rectangle Gazebo

Shagbark Stain $790, Upgrade to Evergreen Metal $520


12x12 Vinyl Gazebo
Stock #Z-56-10......$791 OFF
Sale Price..$7,119
12' x 12' Rectangle Vinyl Gazebo

Pebble Gray Floor, Upgrade to Black Metal Roof $410

Vinyl Rectangle gazebo

B&B Cottage Shed
Stock # B-90......$560 OFF
Sale Price..$5,040
10x16 Board and Batten 5/12 Cottage Shed

Weatherwood Shingles

List Pricre $5,600

Small Boat
Stock #P-31....$440 OFF
Sale Price..$3,960
8x14 Small Boat

Canopy $300 (included in above price, not shown in picture)

List Price $4,400


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