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Specification for Recreational Camping Cabin

Standard window
Standard Windows on 10' Wide Camping Cabins

5 30x36 un insulated windows with wood shutters

36" Wood Door Standard on 10' Wide Camping Cabins

Insulated window
5 30x36 Insulated Windows with Shutters

Standard on 12' Wide, 14' Wide, and 15' Wide Camping Cabins

insulated clay window

Prehung Fiberglass Door

Standard on 12' wide, 14' Wide, and 15' Wide Camping Cabins


Foundation 4x4 Pressure Treated Skids

8' Wide = 3 skids running the length of the building

10', 12', and 14' Wide = 5 4x4 Pressure Treated Skids running the length of building.



Standard Floor on Prebuilt Storage Sheds

2x4 Pressure Treated joist 16" on center.

5/8" LP Flooring

Highwall Studding
Highwall Barn Framing

(shown with loft)

Sidewalls 6' 4"

Studs 16" on center

Barn rafters 2x4 16" on center

Roof Sheeting 1/2" OSB

Interior Framing on Cottage Style Roof
Cottage Style Framing

Sidewalls 7' 4"

Studs 16" on Center

Cottage Style rafters 16" on center

Roof Sheeting 1/2" OSB

LP Grooved Siding for Painted Buildings

Our painted and stained garages are sheeted with LP Siding.

Vinyl Buildings

The vinyl buildings are sided with GP Vinyl Siding "Vision Pro" in 5" Double Dutch Lap.

The overhangs and trim are PVC coated wrap.

Shingled Roof

Standard Shingles are GAF Timberline Architectural Shingles, With Ridge Vent

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