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Camping Cabins

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Code for Recreational Camping Cabins

Recreational cabins are designed for seasonal weekend retreats. Pennsylvania and some other states have cabin exemptions. Exempt cabins do not need to be inspected or follow housing codes. Our recreational camping cabins are ideal for exempt cabins.

Link to PDF PA Cabin Exemption form.

Camping Cabin Display Model
Standard Camping Cabin

6'4" Sidewalls With Camping Cabin Roof

Camping Cabin BArn STyle
Barn Style Roof Camping Cabin


Vinyl Camping Cabin
Vinyl Camping Cabin

6'4" Sidewalls

Shown with extra windows, metal roof, and extra door.

Vinyl Camping Cabin
Vinyl Camping Cabin 7' 4" Sidewalls

7'4" Sidewalls with cottage style roof (not as steep as regular camping cabin roof)

Floor Plans For Camping Cabins

6 floor plans with finished interior

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