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Installing Lean To Kit

Lean-To set up for tranportaton
Lean-To Horse Barn

Lean-To horse barns are shipped with lean-to roof folded down. Roof is secured with screws onto main building for protection during shipment.

Building is placed onto concrete piers with roof folded down.

HIhngeld lean-to partiallyup
Step #1 Raising Roof

Lean-To roof has hinged rafters. Roof is lifted up with special jacks or skid loader.

Lean-to Installing poa
Step # 2 Installing Posts

Post are installed every 10' or 12'. Post should be set on top of concrete pillars. Post can also be buried into ground with a bag of sacrete on bottom.

Lean to No Paint
Step #3 Install Triangle End Caps

End caps are installed. A batton is nailed to complete exterior.

Step #4 Install Shingles

2-3 rows of shingles are left out so hinged roof can fold up on location. After post are installed, the last 2-3 rows of shingles will need to be installed.

Lean to with paint
Step #5 Enjoy Your Lean-To

8' hinged Lean-To

Lean to with sides
Lean-To with End Kit

End kit closes gable end of Lean-To to the ground for extra protection from the weather.


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