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Sales lot next to Walmart in Keyser, WV


By appointment Only

Prices on this page include delivery in Mineral County, WV. Please call or email to check availability and verify pricing of our stock buildings. We normally update the stock every week or so.

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Shawnee Sales Lot
Sales Office
Winter time By appointment Only

Friday Office hours starting Early Spring

2020 PDF Price List

Gazebo with screens
Stock # WZ-55.....sold... $5570
12' x 12' Wood Octagon Gazebo

Desert Tan Stain , Screen Package (panels not installed in picture) Includes Delivery in Mineral County

List Price $5,570

10x10 Cottage
Stock # WC-5.....$275 OFF
Sale Price.... $2,475
10' x 10' Cottage Storage Shed

Brown, Khaki Trim, Upgrade to Brown Metal Roof

List Price $2,750

Vinyl Cottage Shed
Stock # WC-34...... $4,000
10' x 16' Vinyl Cottage Storage Shed

Flint, White Trim, Upgrade To Red Metal Roof $200

Stock # WC-39...... $3,600
10' x 16' Garden Cottage Storage Shed

Dark Gray, White Tri, Pewter Gray Shingles, Red Doors and Shutters, Transom Windows in doors $100

Highwall Shed
Stock # WH-6...... $2,800
10' x 12' Highwall Storage Shed

Red, White Trim, Hickory Shingles

Highwall storage Shed
Stock # WH-7.... $2,800
10' x 12' Highwall Storage Shed

Dark Gray, White Trim, Black Shingles

Highwall Shed
Stock # WH-17..... $3,380
10' x 16' Highwall Storage Shed

Beige, Meadow Trail, Hickory Shingles

Stock # WH-33...... $3,800
10' x 20' Highwall Storage Shed

Cedar, Brown Trim, Hickory Shingles

Highwll Storage Shed
Stock # WH-34...... $3,800
10' x 20' Highwall Storage Shed

Smoke Stain, Clay Trim, Pewter Gray Shingles, 6' double door on 20' side

Low Wall Shed
Stock # WL-13...... $2,000
8' x 12' Highwall Storage Shed

Smoke, White Trim, Black Shingles

Low Wall Shed
Stock # WL-15...... $2,000
8' x 12' Highwall Storage Shed

Reihl Green, Clay, Weatherwood Shingles

Low Wall Shed
Stock # WL-17...... $2,000
8' x 12' Highwall Storage Shed

Clay, Green Trim, HIckory Shingles

Low wall shed
Stock # WL-20...... $2,000
8' x 12' Highwall Storage Shed

Tan, White Trim Shakewood Shingles

low wall storage shed
Stock # WL-40...... $2,300
10' x 12' Highwall Storage Shed

Palm Leaf, Khaki Trim, Weatherwood Shingles

10x16 Quaker
Stock # WQ-66....sold.. $3700
10' x 16' Quaker

Butternut Stain, Meadow Trail Trim, Hickory Shingles, Transom Windows in Doors $100

List Price $3,700

Garage highwall
Stock # WG-11.... $5,200
12' x 20' Highwall Garage

Red, White Trim, Pewter Gray Shingles


Side View
Highwall storage Shed
Stock # WG-24.... $5,796
12' x 24' Highwall Garage

Beige, Red Trim, Shakewood Shingles, 4x12 Loft $96

Vinyl Cottage Shed
Stock # WG-31... $6,900
12' x 24' Vinyl Cottage Garage

Clay, White Trim, Upgrade Green Metal Roof $200

Quakaer Highside Garage
Stock # WG-36... $6,600
12' x 24' Quaker High-Side Garage

Mushroom Stain, Tan Trim, Upgrade To Green Metal Roof $200

Higwall Garage
Stock # WG-47.... $6,540
14' x 24' Highwall Garage

Cedar Stain, Evergreen Trim, Barkwood Shingles, 4x14 Loft $140

Loft for Garage

Highwall Garage
Stock # WG-81... $8,175
14' x 36' Cottage Garage

Clay, White Trim, WEatherwood Shingles, Extra Window $75

24x24 2 car Garage
Stock # WG-92 ..... $11,096
24' x 24' 2 Car Garage

Tan, White Trim, Black Shingles, 4x24 Loft $192

List price 11,096


Camping Cabin with corner porch
Stock # WM-11....... $4,600
10x20 Camping Cabin Barn Style Roof

Butternut Stain, Khaki Trim, Green Shingles, 4x6 Corner Porch Double Wood Door 3 windows

Camping Cabin
Stock # WM-30...$754 OFF
Sale Price.... $6,782
12x28 Camping Cabin

Butternut Stain, Brown Trim, Hickory Shingles, Bubble Wrap insulated Floor $336

List Price $7,536

Camping Cabin
Stock # WM-31... $13,050
12x28 Camping Cabin Finshed Interior

Smoke Stain, Black Trim, White facia, Upgrade to Black Metal roof

Side view

Insulation package including faom floor, Basic Electric Package, Interior sidewalls and Ceilng in Pine T&G


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