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buildings wiht Extra discounts

Lp Batten Horse barn
Stock # B-8....$905 ....OFF
Sale Price.... $5,445
10' x 20' LP Batten Siding Horse Barn

Butternut Stain, Evergreen Trim, Evergreen Metal Roof, LP Board and Batten add $500

List Price $6,050

8x12 Highwall Shed
Stock #H-1.....$375 OFF
Sale Price..$2,125
8' x 12' Highwall Barn

White, Meadow Green, Slate Shingles

List Price $2,500

Garden Cottage with LP Lap Siding
Stock # C-36...$940 OFF
Sale Price..$4,000
10' x 16' Garden Cottage Storage Shed With LP Lap Siding

Tan, Khaki Trim, Dark Red Metal Roof,

Base Price Vinyl Siding plus 10% $, Transom Windows $100, Star Shutters @25

List Price $4,940


Star Shutters

Wood Gazebo
Stock #Z-32.. ...$374 OFF
Sale Price.... $3,366
12' x 12' Octagon Wood Gazebo

Chestnut Stain, Black Shingles

List Price $3,740

2 story Camping cabin
Stock # M-90...$6,900 OFF
Sale Price... $21,000
15' x 32' Adirondack Camping Cabin A-Frame Roof (2 story)

Mushroom Stain Siding, Red Trim, Red Metal Roof, Base cost 2 Story $19,000, Electric package $1,000, Insulation package $2,200 (includes floor, sidewalls and ceiling), Finished walls and ceiling in pine including stairway and extra room with door $5,700, Upstairs unfinished.


List Price $27,900

The base unfinished price of the 14 and 15 wide 2 story cabins is double the regular camping cabin pricing.

upstairs of caming cabin

Interio of camping cabin

Interio of camping cabin

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Last updated on February 13, 2019

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