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Buildings with Extra discounts

Please call or email to check availability and verify pricing of our stock buildings. We normally update the stock every week or so.

10% OFF In-Stock Chicken Coops

chicken coops

15 Chicken Coops IN-Stock

All Metal Garage
Stock #G-67.....$792.....OFF
Sale Price. $7,128
14' x 24' All Metal Cottage Style Garage

Clay. Red Trim, Red Metal Roof

List Price $7,920

Ru-In Shed Combo
Stock # B-5.....$700 OFF

Sale Price $3,350
10' x 16' LP Siding Run-In Shed with Tack Room

Clay, White Trim, Weatherwood Shingles

List Price $4,050Run-In Shed

Ru0In Shed

Board and Batten Run in shed
Stock # B-73..$352 OFF

Sale Price $3,168
10' x 14' Board and Batten Run-In Horse Barn

Mushroom Stain $320, Barkwood Shingles

List Price with stain $3,520

Manor Quaker Shed
Stock # B-64....$493 OFF

Sale Price $4,437
10' x 16' Board and Batten Quaker Storage Shed

Haley Smoke Stain $630, Paint Doors and corners ,

Black Shingles

List Price $4,930

Backyard Cabin
Stock # M-5.......$290 OFF
Sale Price.... $2,610
8' x 12' Backyard Cabin Playhouse

Pink, White Trim, Mission Brown Shingles

List Price $2,900


Interior of playhouse

Camping Cabin
Stock #M-38.....$816 OFF
Sale Price. $7,342
12' x 28' Camping Style Roof

Red, White Trim, Charcoal Metal Roof $150, 4' Porch,

2 " Foam Insulated Floor $1008, 2 Extra Windows @$150

List Price $8,158




Camping Cabin
Stock #M-40....$967 OFF
Sale Price. $8,703
12' x 28' Camping Style Roof

Mushroom Stain, Green Trim, Green Metal Roof

UPgrade to metal roof $150,

Foam insullate floor, side walls, and ceiling $2,520

Insulated interior

List Price $9,670Insulated interior

Loft interior


Camping Cabin
Stock #M-61....... ..$2,000 OFF
Sale Price. $18,000
14' x 36' Camping Cabin
Plan MP1436

Butternut Stain, Evergreen Trim, Evergreen Metal Roof $150

Includes Upgrade to 2" foam insulation on Floor

Includes Bedroom with Wood Door

List Price $20,000

Interior of camping cAbin

Interior #2

Interior of camping Cabin

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