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Wood and Vinyl Gazebo Stock


Stock gazebos are for immediate delivery. Often deliveries can be scheduled in a week or less . You can also order any gazebo with your own colors and options.

Please call to confirm availability and price. We usually update this page weekly.

12x12 Square Gazebo with screen
Stock #Z-6.. .. ..$4,352
12' x 12' Square Wood Gazebo

Green Shingles

Base Price $3,500, Mushroom Stain $350, Screen Package $810, Electric Package $175,List Price $4,835Gazebo

wood pavilion
Stock #Z-12.. .sold. ..$4,290
10' x 16' Square Wood Pavilion

Black Shingles

Base Price $3,900, Chestnut Brown Stain $350, List Price $4,290

wood pavilion

10x16 wood Pavilion
Stock #Z-15.. ....$3,520
12' x 12' Octagon Wood Gazebo

Gray Shingles

Base Price $3,200, Mahogany Stain $320, List Price $3,520

Wood Gazebo
Stock #Z-20.. ....$2,500
10' x 10' Octagon Wood Gazebo

NO stain, Weathered Rock Shingles


Wood Gazebo
Stock #Z-21.. ....$3,500
10' x 16' Octagon Wood Gazebo

NO stain, Sunset Cedar Shingles

Stock #Z-22.. ....$4,290
10' x 16' Rectangle Wood Pavilion

Chestnut stain, Sunset Cedar Shingles

Octagon Wood Gazebo
Stock #Z-23.. ....$3,200
12' x 12' Octagon Wood Gazebo

NO stain, Weatherwood Shingles

Rectangle wood gazebo

Rectangle Wood Gazebo No Stain
Stock #Z-24.. ....$4,575
12' x 16' Rectangle Wood Gazebo

NO stain, Driftwood Shingles, Electric Package $175

Pergula on vinyl floor
Stock #Z-42...$840 OFF
Sale Price ..$3,360
10' x 10' Vinyl Manor Pergola with Floor

List Price $4,200


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