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Pre-built Garage Stock

Pre built garages are in stock and ready for delivery. Delivery of garages can often be arranged in about a week (slightly longer in spring rush) You can place an order for a custom built garage with your own color combination and window and door placement. See the Garage Page for more details.

Please call to confirm availability and price. We usually update this page weekly.

Garage In Cumberland
Stock # G-10... .$5,000.00
12' x 20' Cottage with Garage Door

Mushroom Stain (add $100), White Trim, Barkwood Shingles, Double door with transom window $150, Doors and Shutters painted "Brick Paver", Cupola with Weathervane $425(not included in price),

DISPLAYED near Rock Gap, Maryland

Not for Sale


Highwall Garage
Stock # G-25....$520 OFF
Sale Price....$4,680
12' x 24' Garage Highwall Style

Khaki siding, Dark Blue trim, Weatherwood Shingles, List Price $5,200Storage Shed


Garage Highwall
Stock # G-27....$5,200
12' x 24' Garage Highwall Style

Tan siding, White trim, Barkwood Shingles,


Garage Highwall
Stock # G-28....$5,200
12' x 24' Garage Highwall Style

Brown, Khaki Trim, Barkwood Shingles, Brown Garage door,


Vinyl Cottage Style Garage
Stock # G-35...$640 OFF
Sale Price....$5,760
12' x 24' Vinyl Cottage Style Garage

Tan, White Trim, Shakewood Shingles List Price $6,400

3 Insulated Windows (free upgrade)


14x24 Highwall Garage
Stock # G-27.....$5,800
14' x 24' Garage Highwall Style

Red, Khaki Trim, Barkwood Shingles, Silverback interior,


15' wide Garage
Stock # G-82...735 OFF
Sale Price....$6,615
15' x 24' Garage Highwall Style
Clay siding, White trim, Weatherwood shingles, 9x8 White Garage door, Left Side Door, 4x15 Loft $150, List Price $7,350
double wide garage
Stock # G-95..$10,000
24' x 24' Garage Highwall Style

Mocha, Brown Trim, White Trim around windows, White Shutters, Shakewood Shingles, DISPLAY MODEL NOT FOR SALE

Double wide garage

Sold Buildings

The buildings below are ones that are sold. You can custom order buildings with your own colors and sizes. Summer time lead time varies from 2-5 weeks depending on the amount of orders we have.

15' wide garage
Stock # GH-102..sold.$
15' x 24' Garage Highwall Style

Clay siding, green trim, weatherwood shingles, side door on right, List price $ Outside of wall are 15' wide. (Our 14' wide garages are 13' 6" to outside of walls.) These buildings ship at 16' wide. PA and MD only.

2 story garage
Stock # G-105.sold..$
14' x 24' 2 Story Garage High Wall Style

Red siding, white trim, white metal roof, side door on right, Full attic with steps,

Call for pricing but estimate around $11,600 Additional onsite labor after 40 miles.


Inside of 2 story garage

Inside 2 story garage with attic to loft

15x36 Garage
Stock # G-106.
15' x 36' Garage Highwall Style

Tan siding, Brown trim, Barkwood shingles, 9x8 garage door, fiberglass entrance door

Highwall Garage inside,

Log Garage 12' x 24
Stock # G-115...Sold..
12' x 24' Log Siding Garage

Log Siding, Hickory Architectural Shingles, ridge vent, side door on left

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