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Chicken Coops In Stock

Chicken Coops Orders back log 8-10 Months,

In stock chicken coops 1-2 weeks for delivery




chicken coop

These buildings are in stock and ready for immediate pickup.

Please call or email to check availability and verify pricing of our stock buildings. We normally update the stock every week or so.

Quaker Coop
Stock # K-5.... $2,600
4x6 Quaker Coop

Light Gray, Red Trim, Free upgrade to Red Metal Roof

Back of coop

Quaker coop
Stock # K-.9..SOLD... $2,600
4x6 Quaker Coop

Red, White Trim, Free Upgrade to Bronze Metal Roof

Quaker Coop Rear

Run of Combination Coop
Stock # K-64.... $3,600
6x8 Combination Coop

Light Gray, White Trim, Free Upgrade to Red Metal Roof

Door of combination coop

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