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10% OFF Chicken Coops IN-Stock (Leftover 2018 Models ONly)

Please call to confirm availability and price. We usually update this page weekly.

chicken coops

These buildings are in stock and ready for immediate pickup.

We attempt to update this every week or more. Call or email to confirm in stock items and pricing.

Quaker Chicken Coop
Stock # K-20.....$350 OFF
Sale Price $3,150
7' x 12' B&B Quaker Coop

Brown Cedar Stain, Cedar Shingles, Epoxy Floor

List Price $3,500




Chicken Coop
Stock # K-36.....$200 OFF
Sale Price $1,800
4' x 8' Painted Dutch Coop

Buckskin, Red Trim, Charcoal Shingles


List Price $2,000

Dutch Chicken Coop

5x7 coop
Stock # K-86.......$180 OFF
Sale Price $1,620
5' x 7' Painted Combination Coop

Clay, White Trim, Weathered Gray Shingles


List Price $1,800

5x7 Coop


Inside of coop

5x7 Coop
Stock # K-87.......$180 OFF
Sale Price $1620
5' x 7' Painted Combination Coop

Buckskin, White Trim, Weathered Gray Shingles

Epoxy Floor Included

List Price $1,800

Run of coop


inside of coop

chicken Coop
Stock # K-95....sold... $4,400
7' x 24' Painted Combination Coop

Red, White Trim, Cedar Shingles

List Price $4,400

Epoxy Floor

Side view



Epoxy Floor

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