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Site Preparation for Sheds and Garages

Site Prepe

Gravel Pad Specifications

Gravel pad should be 2' longer and wider than structure.

Example #1 14x24 Garage requires a 16x26 Level gravel pad.

Example #2 24x24 garage requires a 26x26 LEVEL Gravel pad

Gravel pad should be within 1 " of level

Site preperation
Finished Gravel Pad

Shawnee Structures recommends gravel approximately 4-6" deep

In Pennsylvania they are typically called 2B or 2B modified.

Maryland and West Virginia quarries often cal them #53 Stones


Gravel pad should be within 1" of perfectly level.

If gravel is not level, your garage door or shed door to malfunction. (This will void the warranty)

Site prep grass
Digging out the Sod for Site Prep

The sod can be dug out if you want the shed or garage to sit closer to grade. This step is optional depending on your location.

Site prep for grass
Adding Stones

Shawnee Structures recommends about 4-6" of gravel

Compacting Stone

Compacting stones with a skid loader or truck is recommended.

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