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Onsite Garage Options

Vinyl Onsite Garaege



Glass in Garage Door $100.00 per door

Upgrade to Insulated Garage Doors $200.00 per door

Large garage door

Upgrade to 16' x 7' garage door instead of 2 9' x 7' garage door, no charge.

Upgrade to 9' x 8' Garage Door $100.00 per door

(available on block foundations only)

Insulated windows with shutters

Extra Insulated Windows With Shutters $125.00

Steel Door

Extra Prehung Fiberglass Door $200.00

Upgrade to glass in steel Door $50.00

Truss Options (approximate cost on 24' wide garages)

  • Upgrade to scissor truss $20 per running foot
  • Upgrade to 5/12 pitch $30 per running foot
  • Upgrade to 6/12 pitch $35 per running foot
28x35 attic truss
8/12 Attic Truss

8/12 attic truss Room approximate 12' wide by 7' high.

Dormers additional cost.

Attic Truss
8/12 Attic Truss on 28' Wide

Interior of attic on 8/12 pitch roof approximate 12' wide by 7' high.

12/12 pitch truss
12/12 Attic Truss

12/12 attic truss Room approximate 12' wide by 8' high

Other Upgrades Available

  • Upgrade to Perlins with Metal Roof same price as plywood with shingled roof. Add $1.00 per square foot for fanfold insulation under metal. (Swap for metal roof only on onsite vinyl garages)
  • Custom shingles or siding to match existing structure (cost varies depending on brand)
  • Workbench $5 per foot
  • Vent on Gable End $150.00

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