Bedford, PA
Serving: Pennsylvania,
and West Virginia

Delivery Information

  • See the site preparations page for details on how to prepare your site.
  • Buildings up to 12' wide are $3.50 per mile.
  • 14' wide buildings (also 12' wide quakers and 12' wide horse barns) are $5.00 a mile.
  • Double wide garages are $7.00 per mile. Generally double wides are delivered within 125 miles of Bedford. Deliveries between 125 and 200 miles are $150.00 to $300.00 extra due to extra road time for setup crew.
  • Most states outside Pennsylvania require on oversize load permit for loads 10' or wider.
  • Oversize load permits cost $50.00 each for each state that we need to travel through. PA permits are included in cost of buildings.
  • See Onsite Garage Page for details on cost for additional charges for building onsite garages.

Email or call us at 1-866-631-4799 or 814-623-8212 for a quote on delivering your building.


Click on the link below and enter your address to get an estimate of miles to our location.


Map Quest link


Map Quest link is only an estimate. Quotes are generally slightly higher especially if route involves PA turnpike or other toll roads. PA turnpike and some other toll roads do not allow oversize loads.


Delivery can be quoted before you deliver or you can take actual miles off delivery truck. Using actual miles is generally slightly cheaper as our quotes usually add a few miles to cover for unknown detours etc.

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Our driver unloading a 14' x 40' garage on a concrete pad.

Delivery of 14' x 40' garage
shed delivery

A storage shed on custom built storage shed trailer. Most of the buildings are delivered with this truck and trailer combination. Notice doors are toward cab of truck. Please inform us which way you want barn loaded on trailer. Most times doors are toward cab of truck and are the last part of shed to come off trailer.

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Last updated on January 2018

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