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Chicken Coops

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Chicken Coops designed for your backyard chicken needs


PDF 2018 Chicken Coop Pricing

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Combination chicken coop
Combination Style Chicken Coops.

The combination chicken coop has a henhouse with an attached chicken run that allows the chickens a safe place to scratch

Chicken Coop
Quaker Style Chicken Coops

The Quaker henhouse series has a distinctive roof line overhang that is inspired by centruy old barn styles. This style maximizes head space in the interior.

6x10 chicken coop
A Frame Chicken Coops

The A-Frame style chkicen coop is a classic style favored by many. With simples straight lines and beautiful trim, it has its own touch of class.


4x8 Dutch chicken coop
Dutch Style Chicken Coops

The Dutch Hen House boars a quaint hip roof, making it look like a miniature barn. The hip roof optimizes usable interior space.

Automatic Chicken Door
Options For Chicken Coops

Automatic Door Openers

Metal Roof

Glass Board Floors

Cleanout Lid and Litter Tray

Wheels and many other options.

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