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A-Frame Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops designed for your backyard chicken needs.

All the buildings on this page can be built as:

  • Painted Dura-Temp (also know as T-1 11) with choice of trim color
  • Stained Board and Batten Siding (B&B)
  • Stained Tongue and Groove Siding
  • Stained (B&B) and (T&G) can also add painted trim for $100. Painted trim is included on painted Dura-Temp buildings.

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    3x4 chicken coops
    A34.. 3' x 4' A Frame Coop..$1,100

    3 Nesting Boxes, 52" High, 12" Off Ground, Holds Approx 3-5 Chickens

    Left Paint Clay, Green Trim, Weatherwood

    Right Painted Red, White Trim, Black Roof

    PDF 2018 Chicken Coop Pricing
    4x6 tractor
    A46.. 4' x 6' A Frame Coop..$1,300

    6 Nesting Boxes, 79" High, 14" Off Ground,

    Holds Approx 12-15 Chickens

    Board and Batten Cedar Stain, Walnut Brown Shingles

    6x10 A Frame Chicken Coop
    A610 6' x 10' A-Frame Coop..$2,500

    6 Nesting Boxes, 101" High, 4" Off Ground,

    Holds Approx 18-22 Chickens

    Tongue and Grooved Stained Rustic Cedar, Green Trim (painted trim on T&G add $100), Forest Green Shingles


    8x10 Chicken Cop
    A810 8' x 10' A-Frame Coop..$2,700

    8 Nesting Boxes, 101" High, 4" Off Ground,

    Holds Approx 24-28 Chickens

    Red Painted Siding, Beige Trim, Cedar Shingles

    12x24 Chicken Coop
    A1224 12' x 24' A-Frame Coop..$7,400

    7 Windows, 1 Single Door, 2 chicken Doors, 2 8x12 Chicken Areas, 8x12 Feed Room, 4 Vents, Holds 90-100 Chickens.

    Red Painted Siding, White Trim, Upgrade to Metal White Roof $330


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