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Camping Cabins Specs

The specifications below are standard features on our painted and vinyl camping cabins.

Camping Cabin with metla roo
Porch on Camping Cabin

Choose from 4' Porch or 6' Porch

4' Porch has 7' loft

6' Porch has 6" Loft

Standard Porch includes Pressure Treated 2x6 Flooring, Pressure Treated Post, and pressure treated railing. Opening can be in front center or on the sides.

Length of Cabin

Porch is included in overall length of camping cabin.

A 12' x 28' cabin with 4' porch has approximately 11' 5" by 23' 5" interior space.

A 12' x 28' camping Cabin with 6' Porch has approximately 11' 5" by 21' 5" interior.

14' Wide Cabins

14' Wide cabins start with 13' 6" floor( 14' wide at overhangs for less transportation cost)

10', 12', and 15' wide start with a floor as wide as the size.

4" x 4" Pressure Treated Skids
4 x 4 pressure treated skids

5 skids are placed under entire length of shed. There is a skid in center of building and one 36" on both sides of center. The 4th and 5th skid are placed on outside edge of building.

Floor Joist 16' on Center
Floor Joist 16" on center
5/8 LP Tongue and Groove Flooring
Sidewalls On Camping Cabin

Camping Cabin Style sidewalls 6' 4" High

2x4 Studs 16" on Center

Highwall barn style

Shown with OSB sidewalls and Tech Shield sheeting on Ceiling

2x4 Rafters 16" On Center
1/2" Tech Shield on Roof

Interior Of Barn Style Camping Cabin

Inteior of campinb cabin

Large Window
4 Large Windows 30" x 36"
Small Window in Loft

Total of 5 windows

10 Wide cabins include 4' porch, 5 un insulated windows, wood entrance door, and full ridge vent.

12' -15' wide include 4' or 6' porch, 5 insulated windows, fiberglass door with glass and full ridge vent.

Camping Cabin Front Door

Prehung Fiberglass Door with Glass

(Shown with upgrade to metal roof and extra windows)

Standard door on 12' wide (or wider camping cabin is prehung fiberglass door with 9 lite glass.

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