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Options for Painted and Stained Camping Cabins

Log Railing for Porch
Log Railing for Porch

12' Wide Cabin $500

14' Wide Cabin $600

15' Wide $700

Camping Cabin with Metal roof
Upgrade to Metal Roof on Standard A Frame Roof $200


Camping Cabin with Metal Roof
Upgrade to Metal Roof on Barn Style Roof $400


White With green shutters
Insulated 30x36 Windows $175
(upgrade from regular windows $100)

White Insulated window with vinyl shutters (vinyl shutters included on vinyl buildings)

Clay Insulated window shown with wood shutters (wood shutters included with painted or stained structures)

Clay Window

Fiberglass Entrance Door
Extra Prehung Fiberglass Entrance Door $250


Glass in Entrance Door
Add Glass in Entrance Door $50



Paint Slab Doors
Paint Fiberglass Doors

Single Slab door or prehung door $100


White Garage Door
Garage Door $500

Also see Prebuilt Single garages


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