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Options for Painted and Stained Camping Cabins

Log Railing for Porch
Log Railing for Porch

12' Wide Cabin $500

14' Wide Cabin $600

15' Wide $700

Camping Cabin with Metal roof
Upgrade to Metal Roof on Standard A Frame Roof $200


Camping Cabin with Metal Roof
Upgrade to Metal Roof on Barn Style Roof $400


White With green shutters
White Insulated 30x36 Windows $200

White Insulated window with vinyl shutters (vinyl shutters included on vinyl buildings)

Clay Insulated 30x36 Windows $250

Clay Insulated window shown with wood shutters (wood shutters included with painted or stained structures)

Clay Window

Fiberglass Entrance Door
Extra Prehung Fiberglass Entrance Door $250


Glass in Entrance Door
Add Glass in Entrance Door $50



Paint Slab Doors
Paint Fiberglass Doors


Single Slab Door $100

prehung door or door with glss $125

Double Door $150

White Garage Door
Garage Door $500

Also see Prebuilt Single garages


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