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Camping Cabins Gallery

Also see Abrams Creek Campground. Cabins 1-7 are camping cabins purchased from Shawnee Structures.

Cabin made into gas Stattion

Gas Station Old cabin

Cabin with old car

Camping cabin modified to look like old gas station

Stained Camping Cabin

Stained Camping Cabin

Log Railing option

Fiberglass door with glass painted Red










Camping cabin with Chestnut siding

12' x 24' Camping Cabin

Chestnut siding, white trim, and light brown shingles, camping cabin style Roof

Camping Cabin
14' x 28' Camping Cabin

with barn style roof, clay siding, green trim, green shutters.


12x30 cabin

Cabin Cabin with 6' porch side entrance


Barn Style camping cabin
12' x 30' Camping Cabin

with barn style roof, clay siding, green trim, green shutters, 6' porch


14' wide camping cabin with barn style roof
14' x 28' Camping Cabin

Red siding, white trim, gray shingles, with barn style roof and extra windows, upgrade to steel door with glass.

inside view of camping cabin

Inside view of barn style camping cabin. Customer finished interior on left.

Red Camping cabin
14' x 28' Camping Cabin

My husband completely finished the inside with insulation, paneling, carpeting, electricity, heat and air. We really love our barn. The pictures don't really do it justice

John and Mary
Lavale, Maryland
Inside view of cabin
14' x 40' camping cabin with green siding and trim
14' x 40' Camping Cabin

Green siding, green trim, extra walls in interior, extra windows, etc.

camp on truck

Above camping cabin loaded and ready to be delivered to northern Pennsylvania

Camping ca

Camping Cabin Ready for an early morning delivery to West Virginia. Cabin was delivered up a steep hill on loose gravel (not recommended for beginner drivers)

West Virginia Camping Cabin
camping cabin Maryland
14' x 28' Vinyl Camping Cabin

Cream siding, green trim, white fascia, green shutters, upgrade to double door, extra windows

Camping Cabin West Virginia
14' x 36' Vinyl Camping Cabin

Clay siding, green trim, green shutters, light brown shingles, upgrade to solid steel door, extra windows.

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