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Horse Barns with Hinged Lean-To

Leanto Horse Barn

Our Shed row horse barns are also available with hinged lean-to. Lean-to horse barns are similar to the shed row horse barns plus we add either an 8' or 10' lean-to. Lean-to is hinged and is raised onsite.

Leanto with Horse
Painted Leanto Horse Barn

12' x 48' Horse barn with 10' hinged Lean-To. Painted 10' leanto kit, Painted with white trim, closed ends on leanto kit. Leanto Building

Horse Barn with Lean to kit
Painted Leanto Horse Barn

10' x 30' Horse barn with 8' hinged Lean-To. Painted 8' hinged lean to kit, painted, gable vent, cupola and other options,

Lean to with metal roof

Cedar Stain

Lean to with shed

Leanto with Metal Roof with Matching Shed

Lean to kit for horses
Front View of Hinged Lean-To

Front View of lean to kit that is stained. (buggy not included in lean-to kit :) Lean-to is pictured with stain.

Hinged lean-lean to kit
Hinged Lean-To

All hinged lean-to are built with 2x6 rafters on main structure as well as lean-to roof.

Hinged Lean to kit
10' x 20' Hinged Lean-To

with 8' Lean to

side view


Hinged Lean-To

End view of lean-to kit after installation. Gable end of lean-to is a triangle shaped with board and battens already installed. Screw triangle piece to building and install battens to match rest of building.

Lean-to Runin shed
Run-In Shed with Lean-To

We also offer our run in sheds with lean-to.

Lean To RuninShed
Horse Barn Built for Lean-To

Our horse barns can also be ordered prepared for lean-to. Horse barn will be built with 2x6 rafters. High side will be aprox 10' high in preparation for lean-to.

Lean to On Horse Barn
Lean-To with End Kit

End kit closes gable end of Lean-To to the ground for extra protection from the weather.

Kit to close 8' Lean-To $750

Kit to close 10' lean to $950

Close front of Lean-To $100 per lineal Ft.

Lean to
Lean to at customers farm
Lean to
Painted Leanto at Customers Farm
12x48 Leanto Kit with end caps

12' x 48' Lean To Kit with 10' Lean To and Closed ends

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