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Recreational Style Log Homes

Recreationial Style Log home

The Style Log Home has

Single Wide Recreational
Settler Log Homes
Recreational cabins are designed for seasonal weekend retreats. Pennsylvania and some other states have cabin exemptions. Exempt cabins do not need to be inspected or follow housing codes. Our recreational cabins are ideal for exempt cabins.

Link to PDF PA Cabin Exemption form.

Single Wide Settler




REcreationial Log HOme
Single Wide Settler ...15x52
15SR304 $76,000

Base Price $29,700

Recreationial Log HOme
Single Wide Settler ...15x48
15SR303 $65,500

Base Price $28,300


Log  floor plan
Single Wide Settler ...15x42
15SR302 $57,400

Base Price $25,800



REcrationial Log hOme
Single Wide Settler ...15x36
15SR301 $53,200

Base Price $23,400

log home plan
Single Wide Settler ...13x48
13SR204 $53,900

Base Price $24,200

rec log home
Single Wide Settler ...13x42
13SR203 $49,900

Base Price $23,200

rec log home
Single Wide Settler ...13x36
13SR202 $46,000

Base Price $20,900

rec log home
Single Wide Settler ...13x30
13SR201 $40,700

Base Price $18,500

Construction Details Floor
  • 4 x 4 pressure treated skids
  • Pressure treated 2x4 joist 16" on center
  • Insulated floor (with insulation package)
  • 5/8" plywood sub floor
Closed Pit
Pit For Cabins Set on Gravel Pad
Pit for access on gravel or concrete pad. Single wide cabins set on gravel pad need a access pit under bathroom. The water and sewer pipes are installed into this area. After cabin is set in place, water and sewer is hooked up to cabin. Recommends size is 3' by 6' by 3' deep. 3' x 3' area under cabin and 3' x 3' area outside of cabin. Note gravel pads are only acceptable for recreational style cabins (mostly single wide cabins)

Open Pit

Floor Construction
Recreational Cabin Standard Construction
  • 4x4 pressure treated skids
  • 2x4 pressure treated floor joist 16" OC
  • 5/8" plywood floor
  • 2x4 walls 16" on center
  • 2x6 rafters with 1/2" sheeting
  • 30 year architectural shingles
Insulation on Recreational Cabins
  • Floor R-10
  • Walls R-13
  • Ceiling R-19
  • Insulated Windows
  • Fully Vented eaves and ridge vent with air baffles in roof as needed.

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