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Specifications For Onsite Garages

The specifications below are standard features on our vinyl garages built on site on top of block walls or concrete base. Also see our Options for Onsite Garages

Walls are 2" x 4" 16" on center
  • Side Wall is 8'
  • Walls have double top plate
  • Bottom plate is pressure treated when wall is placed on concrete pad
  • Pressure Treated Sill Plate on top of block walls.
  • 1/2" OSB on Sidewalls
  • Duratemp Siding for Painted Garages
Pre-engineered Trusses 2 Foot on Center

Trusses are normally 4/12 pitch but other pitches are available at additional cost. Attic trusses can be added for additional storage area. See Options for Onsite Garages for more details.

OSB Standard in 2016


5/8" OSB On Roof
30 Year Architectural Shingles
12" Overhang on all sides
Exterior is Maintenance Free on Vinyl 2 Car Garages

All exterior on vinyl garages is covered with vinyl or painted metal

Steel Side door
36" Fiberglass Side Door On Vinyl Garages
Large Window
3 Large Insulated Windows 30" x 36" With Vinyl Shutters (standard on vinyl garages)


See Options Page For Options for Garages

Inside view of onsite garage

Inside height generally 8' unless several courses of block are above concrete

A Block Foundation Ready For Crew

See block wall details below


Block Wall Details

Our garages are built on block foundations or concrete pads. Shawnee Structures does not do block or concrete work. We have mason contractors that subcontract for us or you can arrange block and concrete work yourself.

Block foundations require a plate installed on top of blocks. Our crew will install a pressure treated sill plate on top of block wall.


Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts should be 4" from outside of blocks so that our 2" x 4" walls do not need to be notched.


Block opening for steel door should be 41"

Block opening for garage door should be 9' 6" (6" larger than garage doors.

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Last updated on January 2018

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