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Onsite Garages

Shawnee Structures builds garages onsite on top of concrete pads or block foundations.

Onsite Garage
Onsite Vinyl Garage Built on Block Foundation
Vinyl Garage

Onsite Vinyl Garage with Doors on Bearing Wall

Block foundation for double wide
Block Foundation For Onsite Garage
Walls and trusses for onsite garages
Materials for Onsite Garage


Pictures of Onsite garages

2 car garage with doors on gable end
24' x 24' Vinyl Garage Built on Site.

Garage doors on bearing wall . Upgrade to glass in garage door.

Onsite 24x36
24' x 32' Vinyl Garage Built on Site.

Upgrade to steel door with glass and glass in garage door with inserts. (steps in block foundation $100 Each)

Inside view of onsite garage.
Inside View of Garage

Additional Details on On Site Garages

  • Shawnee Structures builds garages on site on top of concrete pads or block foundations.
  • See the Onsite garage Specs for details on the construction of the garages.
  • Garage prices are similar to our prebuilt garages if within 10 miles of Bedford, PA. Please email or call for quote on a garage built to your specification
  • Block foundations with a concrete floor is a great start for building a onsite garages. Our walls are normally 8' high. Add a few rows of blocks for slightly higher wall.
  • A concrete pad ( without block) also works well and is usually cheaper than blocks and concrete foundation. Some areas require block and footer foundation.

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